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Having fathered 2 daughters, 2 sons and 3 step-sons, Andrew has a wealth of stories and practical experiences to draw on when speaking to parents about conscious, intentional parenting.  He is passionate about working with parents of children of all ages, helping them create a family culture that develops responsible, resilient, resourceful young adults.

Andrew’s primary presentation is ‘The Rite Journey Parenting Plan’ and details on that can be found here.

His other tailored presentations or workshops can run from 30 minutes to 3 hours and topics can include:

‘Graduating Responsibility in our Children’ – The topic of a book that Andrew is currently working on, this workshop explores how we can develop our children into responsible, respectful, resilient young adults by consciously crafting experiences and expectations for our children.

Parenting Teens’ – Andrew explores how things are for teens in the 21st century and what we, as parents, can do to help develop responsible, respectful, resilient young adults.

‘Rites of passage, ceremony and celebration in family life’ – A workshop on how reverence, building a family culture and acknowledging life moments can transform family life.

Feedback from Andrew’s Parenting Workshop:

“As parents of an adolescent boy we welcomed Andrew’s honest, frank and informative session on raising boys in the 21st Century.  We sat as a group of parents sharing our stories of joy, despair and admiration of our sons.  Under Andrew’s exceptional guidance, passion and knowledge we were able to openly discuss subjects that included sexuality, physical growth, boundaries and the effects of media and technology that influence our sons’ lives.  Andrew has given me useful ideas and suggestions that I am sure will be invaluable in guiding my son through this period of his life.”


Andrew offers both group workshops and individual coaching for men who are keen to offer an individual, tailored Rite of passage process for the boy in their life.


“Whilst there are some great providers for hosted, group offerings as a Rite of Passage process for men and their boys (see some providers at the list at the bottom of this page)…some of us simply don’t have the budget for such camps or would rather have an adventure with just our boy, one on one time hanging out with each other, in places that mean something to us…or that we love to go, and doing stuff that we enjoy and connects us.

I was keen to do exactly that with my sons.

Some of you may have followed the documentation of my two RoP Journey experiences, in 2014 with Malachi and in 2017 with Phoenix. Both journeys, whilst quite different, were amazing opportunities for us to hang out with each other, experience new things, chat about what’s important in life, share stories, laugh, do some challenges and ultimately honour the boys’ transition into young manhood.

I have been asked by a number of men to offer them some advice regarding how they might do something similar for their boy and following a couple of workshops and some individual coaching, I’m keen to offer this coaching further afield.”

Phoenix Rising eBook – Andrew has documented his 2017 Rite of Passage Journey with his son Phoenix in his book ‘Phoenix Rising’. It is available on this website’s shop page.

‘Individual Rite of Passage Journey Coaching’ – Andrew is available for in person, phone or online coaching to help men create a Rite of Passage Journey for a boy in their life. Andrew will individually share the journey he created for his boys and then work with you to create a process specific for your boy. This option involves the completion of an initial questionnaire and then a 60 minute coaching session with Andrew. Andrew will explore with participants the options of where they might be able to do this (everything from in their own city to an overseas trip), how to deepen the process by incorporating the 7 steps of a hero’s journey and what conversations are important to have. Every participant will receive a set of Andrew’s Man Made Cards to help ensure that plenty of topics are covered and that the the chats flow throughout the RoP Journey with your boy.

Feedback from Andrew’s ‘Individual Rite of Passage Journey Coaching’:

“Just completed a Rite of Passage Journey weekend with my eldest son, his best mate and his father.  An amazing weekend under the mentorship of Andrew Lines.”

‘Creating a Rite of Passage for your Boy’ Workshop – designed for fathers/uncles/grandfathers/mentors to help them create a Rite of Passage process to usher their son/nephew/boy into a responsible, respectful and resilient manhood. Andrew has completed this process with each of his two sons, and will draw on this experience, as well as his work with hundreds of teachers and thousands of young people over the past 20 years, to distil the main elements which he believes make for a powerful, transformative and supportive experience for a boy’s ‘initiation’ into a western 21st Century manhood. Andrew will explain the ‘why’, share elements of the journey he created for his sons and then provide participants with a template and time to craft an experience for their own boy.

Feedback from Andrew’s ‘Creating a Rite of Passage for your Boy’ Workshop:

“The most important 3 hours I have spent for years (or maybe in my lifetime).”

“I can recommend Andrew’s workshop to any father, uncle or grandfather.”

“Andrew took us through a much neglected part of raising boys to be men with clarity, humour and candour.”

‘Being better for our boys’– this weekend program is a transformational process for men who wish to explore their own selves as a way of developing into a better father for their son, or mentor to the boys in their community. It’s success lies in providing activities, conversation and ceremony to deepen men’s understanding of their own boyhood and manhood…as well as an honouring process. The weekend also helps men create a process for taking the boy/s in their life through a rite of passage. The program is hosted by Rite Journey Facilitators and can be run in any state with a minimum of 8 men.


Jane Bennett, our Rite Journey Girls’ Program co-author has created a program for mothers and daughters.

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