The Rite Journey Heroic habits

The Rite Journey Heroic Habits have been created as a way of introducing students to a selection of qualities / virtues / habits that we believe are important for life’s journey.

The 18 Habits are a great way of building emotional literacy in our students and creates a vocabulary of virtues not only to be used during their Heroic Habits studies but we encourage it to be a language used by staff and students in the years beyond. 

The program is supported by a Student Journal and a Teacher Guidebook. How the program is implemented in each school will be different – some schools are using it in the latter years of Primary School whilst others are using it as an introduction to High School.  We have schools that are teaching the Habits within a one year timeframe and others implementing it over a two year period. The implementation of TRJ Heroic Habits is intended to be flexible.

For more information check out the video below.

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Feedback from The Rite Journey Heroic Habits One Day Training:

“Andrew is a very thorough and energetic presenter. It is clearly obvious that he lives and breathes what he teaches. The course was easy to follow, interactive and very relevant for all aspects of the school community.”

“Andrew is a passionate, thoughtful and engaging presenter. He lives and models his programs and makes them relevant to all participants.”

“I am really pleased there is a well structured program teaching teaches how to deliver heroic habits in such a fun and engaging way. Thank you.”

“A moving experience, with vulnerability is given in a safe space.”

“The Rite Journey is an incredible, well developed, credible and current social and emotional learning program that would benefit all schools, all youth populations across Australia.” 

“I really like the way that Andrew presents. He is really cultured, kind and open to ideas. Just a quality guy.”

“Insightful and engaging presentation with practical suggestions to use in the classroom.”

“Andrew is a fantastic presenter who makes the learning simple, relevant and up-to-date.”

“I am new to any of The Rite Journey programs and I found this very relevant and well delivered.”

“A very insightful and engaging workshop encouraged healthy conversation and challenged my thinking.”

“Good, real life exercises to work on emotional intelligence.”




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