The Rite Journey program is taught in conjunction with the Student Guidebook and encourages many such conversations. Throughout The Rite Journey students explore and discover consciousness, connection, communication, challenge
and celebration.

Each of these areas is explored within term length topics: Relationship with self; Relationship with others; Relationship with Spirit; Relationship with the world.


The importance of raising a young person’s awareness of the issues that they might currently be facing as well as the skills and understanding that are required to navigate their way through beginning adulthood.


Acknowledging the importance of relationship over role. Encouraging a number of threads of connection (with self, teachers, parents/caregivers, mentor, Spirit and the world). Providing the all important ingredient of time to allow these connections to build and strengthen.


Understanding self-talk; communication and listening with others appropriately; prayer; hearing stories of adults’ experiences; having students share their stories and experiences.


Providing physical, social, emotional and spiritual challenges as learning experiences and as a rite of passage.


Acknowledging the transition into beginning adulthood; teachers and parents providing ceremony and celebration for the students as they are the ‘elders’ in our society.


Each of the 7 Stages incorporates a ceremony or celebration that leads the students to acknowledge their personal journey towards adulthood. These events are carefully crafted, unique experiences that are individualised to best suit the particular needs, resources and geography of each school. The 7 Stages are:

1. The Calling

At a significant local landmark the students show gratitude for their childhood and are called on their journey to adulthood.

2. The Departure

Parents, carers and mentors join the students for an opportunity to learn, reflect and look forward.

3. The Following

The students are guided throughout the year by a number of supportive adults including teachers, parents/carers and mentors.

4. The Challenges

Resilience is built by giving students challenges and helping them acquire the skills, resources and mindset necessary to overcome them.

5. The Abyss

The biggest challenge of the year takes students out of their comfort zone to help them learn more about themselves.

6. The Return

Students reflect on what they have learned and experienced over the year and the gifts and skills they will carry into adulthood.

7. The Homecoming

Students are celebrated and honoured at a gratitude ceremony involving teachers, parents/carers and mentors.

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