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We are excited about our new Rite Journey initiative which brings together our work in schools and our work with families to create a whole school initiative from Year 1 to Year 12.

Whilst The Rite Journey Year 9 Program has been running in schools for almost 20 years, many of those schools have been asking for TRJ style programs that both precede and follow on from the Year 9 Rite of Passage Program.


Hence The Rite Journey Years 1 – 12 initiative has been born.

The process uses a blend of TRJ principles and programs and The Parenting Plan to create a 12 year graduating responsibility scaffold to work with students all the way across primary and secondary school.

The Primary Program focuses on working with schools and teachers to craft a scaffold of responsibilities, expectations, privileges and freedoms from ELC to Year 6. 

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TRJ 1 – 12 includes a suite of programs and resources beginning with the TRJ Primary Program.

 Following from here schools are free to also implement any of the following High School programs to create a whole school journey for their students.
– TRJ Year 7 Heroic Habits Program
– TRJ Year 8 Anchored Program
– TRJ Year 9 Rite of Passage Program
– TRJ Year 10 or 11 Influence Leadership Program
– TRJ Year 12 Revisited
The following resources are also available:
– TRJ Feelings Cards Junior Edition
– TRJ Feeling Cards
– TRJ Man Made Conversation Cards
– TRJ Woman Wise Conversation Cards

Andrew is currently working with Faith Lutheran College in the Barossa Valley in relation to piloting the Primary Program.

Here’s what Jamie Cameron, their Wellbeing Director, has to say:

“At Faith, we are looking to implement a series of milestones/graduation points throughout the Junior School that incorporate new responsibilities and new freedoms, ultimately culminating in a special Year 6 Graduation. Effective personal and social development is a constant focus from ELC to Year 12, currently highlighted in Year 9 where we deliver The Rite Journey to our 14-years-old. Andrew Lines has been instrumental in leading our staff as we look to expand TRJ across all year levels in our Junior School. His advice has been significant in guiding our process and his introductory presentation to staff was meaningful and engaging. Andrew’s wisdom and developmental sequence has a clarity which has helped us navigate through complexities, providing a sense of purpose and achievement, whilst validating accompanying emotions and challenges. Student voice has also been incorporated into our process and we are excited about now taking this journey further, involving our wider community.”

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