TRJ Influence is designed to be used as an extension with students who have graduated from The Rite Journey Year 9 Program, however it can be used very successfully as a stand-alone Student Leadership Program ideally suited for Year 10 or 11 students. 

The students will explore the question “What do I have to give?”

The program has four themes which are designed to be worked through in order:

  • Leader of Self
  • Leader in School
  • Leader in Community
  • Leader in the World
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Because schools are busy and diverse, we have designed 32 lessons which can be implemented in different ways to suit the specific needs of your students and school community.  

Some suggestions for how this program might be implemented are listed below.  You are welcome to use these ideas or modify them to create your own unique program.

  • Curriculum: one lesson per week (= full year) or two lessons per week (= one semester) integrated into the appropriate curriculum area for your region e.g.: Health
  • Pastoral Care: one lesson per week as a focus for the pastoral care/tutor time allocation
  • Retreat: use this program to form the basis of a Student Leadership Retreat.  This is best done in collaboration with outdoor education objectives and would probably need three days to cover all the content
  • Special week: create a week for leadership and cover the content of the lessons in within the school during this week

The four themes can be split over the four terms of the school year, but are not necessarily confined to this and can be used in conjunction with other programs and/or camps that you have running at your school.

We believe TRJ Influence provides enough structure to deliver a meaningful leadership program to your young adolescents while also providing flexibility to work into your specific school needs.

The Student Guidebook offers an opportunity for students to record their thinking and provide evidence of learning over time as well as reminders and examples of exemplary leadership skills and attributes.  

The Teacher Guidebook includes preparation and guidance for each session along with suggested background reading and viewing.

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