Along with his core offering of a two day Rite Journey Implementation Training, Andrew is available for staff professional development workshops and presentations which can range from one hour to a whole day.


‘Connecting with today’s students’ Workshop – Andrew draws on the success of The Rite Journey methodologies to help teachers find new ways of engaging students in their classes.  A practical experience of ways in which we can actually connect with our students and take their learning to a deeper level.

‘Connecting with adolescent boys’ Workshop– Andrew has successfully been meeting adolescent boys’ needs in schools for 20 years. He can not only share the theory behind boys’ behaviours but also provide a whole host of practical responses that teachers can take up.

‘An Education in Manhood’ Presentation– Our western culture has lost a number of powerful tools for transforming boys into good, strong men. Andrew has discovered over his 20 years of teaching that there are a number of essential experiences and learnings that a school can provide to make a positive difference to their boys’ transition into a respectful, responsible and resilient beginning manhood, the results of which can ultimately transform school culture.

Feedback from Andrew’s “An Education in Manhood” presentation:

“We’ve had 42 responses from our online survey regarding your presentation ‘An Education in Manhood’ at our ‘What’s happening to our boys?’ teacher seminar and your average rating was 8.9/10. To give you a benchmark, Steve Biddulph rated 9.1! Very close. 48% rated your session 10/10. Thank you so much for your contribution to the event, the attendees clearly got a lot out of it.” – Booked Out Speakers Agency

‘Rites of passage in schools’ Presentation– Having worked with rites of passage over many years Andrew is able to draw on a myriad of experiences to share with schools a host of options as to how to best go about celebrating and honouring their students’ transition points.

‘Teaching from the heart’ Presentation or Workshop – In an educational landscape where the importance of performance in academic tests is front and centre, social and emotional learning and well-being is typically pushed to the back seat. To create resilient, emotionally intelligent, connected young people we need to have teachers who are courageous enough to teach from the heart.

Heroic Habits Workshop – A practical workshop which showcases ‘Heroic Habits’ – a set of 18 emotional dispositions which, when explicitly taught, encourage the development of emotional literacy.

Heroic Habits Poster

Feedback from Andrew’s “Heroic Habits” workshop:

“Fun, clear and so relevant to our students in today’s age. This is what is needed to help students survive the technology age.”  Kate Taylor, St Andrews College, Christchurch

‘Getting Students Sharing’ – One of the roadblocks to fostering connection with students, helping grow their EQ, building resilience and nurturing their emotional and social wellbeing can be the difficulty they have in expressing their deeper thoughts and emotions.  To help students to connect with themselves, their feelings and more ably express their inner experience, Andrew has created a selection of resources. This practical workshop will showcase these resources, as well as a selection of others, and provide teachers with a host of activities in which they can engage their students as well as build relationships, connection, emotional literacy, wellbeing and resilience.

Feedback from Andrew’s “Getting students sharing” workshop:

“Andrew thank you for coming to work with teachers in Catholic Education SA to share the ManMade Toolbox and other resources. The teachers were enthusiastic about the possibilities they could see with your resources. Your workshop and resources gave us some real insight into how we can invite young people to go deeper with their thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs.” 

Feedback from Andrew’s Teacher Presentations and Workshops:

“Andrew was an amazing speaker, best workshop ever.”

“Great day, Andrew was simply brilliant, loved what he had to offer and a great presenter.” 

“The first PD that I have walked away energised and not exhausted. I can’t wait to get started with the students.”  Rachael Turnbull, Head of Year 7 – 12 Curriculum, St Peter’s Lutheran College, Qld

“Loved it! Wish every teacher could learn about how best to engage their students with your wealth of knowledge.  Thank you.” Megan Wood, Teacher, Eastern Fleurieu School, SA

“Excellent PD – probably the best I have done in years – very relevant / enlightening / empowering. It was so good to be able to spend time with other committed teachers / practitioners – this is really going to be awesome for our kids.” Tracy Quirk, Teacher, Nga Tawa Diocesan College, NZ

“It was actually an insightful, inspiring and enjoyable couple of days getting to learn more about colleagues, on top of learning how to work with students.” Grace Gowers, Teacher, St Columba College, SA

“Really enjoyed the training and the delivery.  Andrew’s presentation and style was great and inspirational. Thank you.”  Bruce Edwards, Chaplain, Harvest Christian School, SA

“Absolutely brilliant.  Thanks Andrew.  I hope I get the opportunity to teach this ASAP.  If not I will definitely use some of the methodologies with my students in other classes.” Sam Diassinas, Teacher, Immanuel College, SA

“Thank you.  The Rite Journey is an incredible program that positively impacts the lives of adolescents in our care. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the teaching methodologies.” Kate Kilpatrick, Deputy Principal, St Mark’s College, Port Pirie, SA

“Fantastic! It is evident there is a passion here and I appreciate the time and program.” Jessica Hannon, Director of Junior Curriculum, St Paul’s College, NSW

“The training really equipped me well for The Rite Journey classes but I feel it has helped my teaching in general.  Thanks so much!” Rebecca Brown, Teacher, Nga Tawa Diocesan College, NZ

“All is buzzing here with the memories of that wonderful presentation two weeks ago, Andrew. You made an impact and touched lives. There is much discussion about the possibilities for next year.” Greg Hay, principal, St Mark’s College.

Andrew is also available to consult with schools who wish to devise their own program/Rite of Passage experience for their students.

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