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Today, more than ever, young people are wrestling with question, who am I? In a world of comparison, with the social media measuring stick and a whole lot of voices and opinions telling us who we should and shouldn’t be, understanding the truth of who we are is an essential anchor for keeping us grounded when the storms of life come.  

Anchored is designed to support emotional and mental health well-being.  

It’s a discovery program of 20 lessons that are user friendly and easy to follow supported by facilitator videos, to give a wider context and overview, and a facilitator manual.

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TRJ Anchored students have access to a specialised journal to log their reflective activities.  There are creative ideas to use, but also space for other journalling and creativity if preferred.

Along with a participant video for each session, we have also included some relational interviews with young adults who have begun the journey of learning to become more aware of what is happening in their internal world.  Hearing these stories of others can not only be inspiring, but also encourage and comfort us that we aren’t alone.

Do you have some students that are:

* finding life really difficult?

* struggling with self worth, questioning who they are and where they belong?

* finding it hard to concentrate on study, afraid of the future, regretting the past, experiencing anxiety and depression, questioning their identity and wrestling with sexuality?

Anchored is a great tool to start unpacking what is happening internally and to help students gain life skills of learning to live freely and lightly so that they can face the external storms when they come.

Aimed at Year 8 students, the 20 sessions of Anchored are divided into three ‘waves’.



Session One – Life can be like an Ocean

Session Two – Individual emotional needs

Session Three – Self Awareness vs Selfishness

Session Four – Guilt and Shame

Session Five – How we cope when needs aren’t met

Session Six – Uniqueness and emotions


Session One – Thinking about what we are thinking about

Session Two – Understanding uniqueness and thinking

Session Three – Over thinking, what it is

Session Four – Ways we cope with obsessive thinking

Session Five – Relying on logic

Session Six – Fear and anxiety


Session One – Walking in our own shoes

Session Two – Positive and negative identity messages

Session Three – Expectations and embracing exposure

Session Four – Embracing uniqueness

Session Five – Believing the truth of our identity

Session Six – Living from the truth of who we are

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