TRJ Rite of Passage For Girls

Many years ago, in traditional societies, girls grew up in the company of women to be their true self, they were educated, prepared and honoured around their cyclic nature and were taught the mysteries of womanhood.

In today’s western culture most girls are influenced by the media and popular culture to be dissatisfied with who they are and are sexualised prematurely without any meaningful guidance.

Steve Biddulph states “A successful and happy adolescence entails hundreds of conversations about what matters, who you are and what you stand for. Yet many teenage girls are basically abandoned by distracted parents and the impersonal melee of large secondary schools.” (“Teenage Girls Under Attack”, Sydney Morning Herald, June 2, 2007)

The Rite Journey has been developed to provide these conversations for girls along with a memorable Rite of Passage process which guides them into adulthood.


“The Rite Journey has proven to be a great coming of age experience for my daughter. Throughout Year 9 her questions and observations about life and people grew in frequency and depth. Initially I felt challenged by some of the questions she asked because it entailed a shifting away from our adult-child relationship, and I had to meet her with greater seriousness. This of course is the point and the achievement of this program.

My daughter had the framework and support to help her move through the threshold of adolescence and beyond the ambiguities and awkward stances of not knowing who they are in relation to the world and the people in it. She developed an honesty and earnestness that placed her firmly as a human being to be reckoned with. It was a great experience for her and for us, her family, to see her mature throughout the year. The silence and inner anxieties which often accompany this awkward stage of development were left in the dust and so has a momentum and courage which give us great confidence in the years to come. If you have the opportunity to get your child into The Rite Journey, don’t miss it.”

GARRY, dad of a female Rite Journey student

“I knew this program would be really powerful but the girls I am working with are taking everything on board with their Rite Journey experience and are so engaged in our conversations way beyond what I imagined… lots of telling moments already. This is so important…I’m really glad we have implemented The Rite Journey in our school.”

-KATE SCARFO, teacher of Rite Journey girls’ class at St. Andrew’s Cathedral School, Sydney

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to teach this wonderful program. By far my favourite and most rewarding subject. It’s hard at times but I love it alot. I would like to share this program with every secondary school around the world. So important and so useful. I hope more schools see the light soon.”

– C. KUPKE, teacher of Rite Journey girls’ class at Immanuel College, SA

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