Feedback from The Rite Journey 2 Day Implementation Training

“It was brilliant – dare I say – life changing.” – Stella Alexopoulos, Glenroy College, Vic.


“Thank you – this was even more fantastic than I expected – I knew it would be so – a team growth, personal growth and tools for nurturing our young men at Knox.” – Helen Clarke, Knox Grammar, Sydney.


“I have such gratitude toward and admiration for you both.  Thanks.” – Peter Tattersall, Regenesis Youth, Sydney.


“Andrew is a passionate presenter who sees a genuine need for a better and more deliberate path to adulthood.  His professionalism and practical ideas are fantastic.” – Dustin Dever, Lilydale Adventist Academy, Vic.


“This has been awesome! So many new ideas, thoughts and feelings. Thank you.” – Mandy Meltz, Moriah College, Sydney.


“Andrew is a natural, Amrita is excellent.  What a blessing to have two such talented and passionate people walking us through the program.” – Terry Cook, Ocean Forest Lutheran College, WA.


“This has been one of, if not THE best workshop experiences I have had.  I’m looking forward to starting the program and seeing the benefits for our students.  Congrats Andrew and co. for such an amazing, NEEDED program.  It is the reason I got into teaching.” – Anthony Bothe, Victory Lutheran College, Wodonga.


“The workshop was a really beneficial experience as it built up and extended my toolbox of conversations and activities that will be really beneficial for the boys I work with.” – Gideon Robertson, CYC, NZ.


“The presenter’s enthusiasm for the program and knowledge base that forms this is inspiring. An outstanding program and workshop.” – Phil Hodges, St Mark’s College, SA.


“All staff should do this course – if not to teach The Rite Journey but for growth of themselves”. – Kay Simpson, Irene McCormack College, WA.


“I think that The Rite Journey is a wonderful tool which will help me reach the students at a time when they are in dire need.” – Inez McGinley, Irene McCormack College, WA.


“Well done, a great 2 days, pumped to implement changes at our school.  Thanks Andrew and Amrita. Legends!” – Cam Golding, Dominic College, Tas.


“Keep up the amazing work and keep challenging the status quo.” – Jo Boyd, Dominic College, Tas.


“Excellent – really enjoyed the whole thing.  Love your passion! – Scott Carson, Harvest Christian School, SA.


“A brilliant program, your passion is evident! My dream is that The Rite Journey is held in EVERY high school in Australia!” – Christine Winkler, Harvest Christian School, SA.


“I found the whole workshop beneficial, offering constructive ideas to customise to suit our environment and ethos. Personally, the activities made me feel part of a team allowing all involved to express themselves – thus seeing some of my colleagues in a different light” – Pat Isaaks, London Oratory School, UK.


“It was an excellent workshop and I have a much better appreciation of the program.  I am really looking forward to implementing it at Knox” – Brian Sullivan, Knox Grammar, Sydney.

“Andrew is a well informed and passionate presenter who understands the participants and trains in an authentic manner.” – Vanessa Bromhead, Knox Grammar, Sydney.