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Andrew has drawn on his 20 years as a teacher and facilitator in schools and education to create an experiential training which not only passes on the tenets and curriculum of The Rite Journey but also upskills teachers in the realm of how best to connect and engage with middle years students.

Andrew and his team have been facilitating Rite Journey trainings in schools and organisations for over 10 years.  More than 1500 educators from over 120 schools in 5 continents have participated in the training which takes place over two days, generally onsite at the school/organisation.

Along with the initial TRJ Implementation Training teachers have access to the International TRJ Deepening The Journey Biennial Conference in odd years and then state-based TeachMeets in even years. These events offer the opportunity for TRJ teachers to learn, network and connect with some of the 500 other TRJ facilitators from other schools around the world. Our most recent Biennial conference was held at Wai Ora Spa in Rotorua, New Zealand.


Above is a sample of responses from an artistic activity at our 2017 DTJ Conference in which the teachers were asked to represent “What do you wish for your Rite Journey students?”



Outline of the 2 Day Implementation Training

Day 1

  • The Rite Journey Framework
  • Introduction
  • What is a rite of passage?
  • The rationale for creating a rite of passage.
  • Why is this best done in a school setting? How is this done in a school?
  • The role of the teacher-guides.
  • Principles of The Rite Journey
  • The 7 elements of The Rite Journey.
  • The role of ceremony and celebration.
  • Creating the ceremonies for your school

Day 2

  • The Rite Journey Curriculum
  • Curriculum Content – exploring the student guidebook and the year’s work
  • Evaluation Process
  • What happens after Yr 9?
  • Possible issues
  • Resources & reading


2017/18 TRJ Training Testimonials

  • “The first PD that I have walked away energised and not exhausted. I can’t wait to get started with the students.”  Rachael Turnbull, Head of Year 7 – 12 Curriculum – Students, St Peter’s Lutheran College, Qld
  • “Loved it! Wish every teacher could learn about how best to engage their students with your wealth of knowledge.  Thank you.” Megan Wood, Teacher, Eastern Fleurieu School, SA
  • “Really enjoyed the training and the delivery.  Andrew’s presentation and style was great and inspirational. Thank you.”  Bruce Edwards, Chaplain, Harvest Christian School, SA
  • “Absolutely brilliant.  Thanks Andrew.  I hope I get the opportunity to teach this ASAP.  If not I will definitely use some of the methodologies with my students in other classes.” Sam Diassinas, Teacher, Immanuel College, SA
  • “Thank you.  The Rite Journey is an incredible program that positively impacts the lives of adolescents in our care. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the teaching methodologies.” Kate Kilpatrick, Deputy Principal, St Mark’s College, Port Pirie, SA
  • “It was actually an insightful, inspiring and enjoyable couple of days getting to learn more about colleagues, on top of learning how to work with students.” Grace Gowers, Teacher, St Columba College, SA
  • “Excellent PD – probably the best I have done in years – very relevant / enlightening / empowering. It was so good to be able to spend time with other committed teachers / practitioners – this is really going to be awesome for our kids.” Tracy Quirk, Teacher, Nga Tawa Diocesan College, NZ
  • “Fantastic! It is evident there is a passion here and I appreciate the time and program.” Jessica Hannon, Director of Junior Curriculum, St Paul’s College, NSW
  • “The training really equipped me well for The Rite Journey classes but I feel it has helped my teaching in general.  Thanks so much!” Rebecca Brown, Teacher, Nga Tawa Diocesan College, NZ