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10 new schools for 2011

We welcome on board 10 new schools who will begin teaching The Rite Journey this year, bringing the total to 21 schools –

  • Kinross Wolaroi School, Orange, NSW
  • Lilydale Adventist Academy, Lilydale, VIC
  • Murraylands Christian College, Strathalbyn, SA
  • Ocean Forest Lutheran College, Dalyellup, WA
  • Tranby College, Baldivis, WA
  • St Margaret’s College, Christchurch, NZ
  • Rostrevor College, Woodforde, SA
  • Ravenswood School for Girls, Gordon, NSW
  • Exodus Youth, Redfern and Ashfield, NSW
  • Yirara College, Alice Springs, NT

Leonard Sax, Author “Why Gender Matters”, “Boys Adrift”, “Girls on Edge”

“The presentation by Andrew Lines and Graham Gallasch regarding THE RITE JOURNEY was universally well-received by attendees at the Fourth International NASSPE Conference (Memphis, Tennessee) – a diverse group of nearly four hundred educators not only from the United States but also from Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Our delegates spoke with great enthusiasm about the insights and strategies they learned from THE RITE JOURNEY presentation.”

Peter Ellyard, Author “Designing 2050”

“The Rite Journey is already one of the best initiation into successful adulthood programs for adolescents in the world . It is therefore an honor and a pleasure to work with Andrew to make this program even better. My congratulations for such a fine trail blazing initiative.”

Steve Biddulph, Author “Raising Boys” and “The New Manhood”

“The Rite Journey is one of the most exciting and well conceived ideas in boys’ education for a very long time.

It brings together the key concerns of initiating boys into fine young men, with its focus on the pressing concerns of safety, dealing with emotions, values, responsibility, and self awareness. It is dense in content and interaction, and uses powerful but simple ritual stages that will be long remembered and treasured.

It builds community among fathers, mothers, and teachers which would otherwise have been absent, and from this strength offers boys a real chance to become parts of something larger and long term.

Real manhood is about connectedness, not individualism, about giving, not self-centredness.

There are lots of good programs about, but nothing I have seen that is so comprehensive, sustained over time, and potentially so life changing for the boys involved. That it is accessible for all boys, regardless of income or family circumstance, at what is traditionally a rather uninspiring phase of their schooling is wonderful news.

It has potential for wide dissemination, turning a problematic time of life into a force for good..”

Maggie Hamilton, Author “What’s happening to our girls?”

“With the huge amount of social and technological change that has taken place in recent times, too often our girls have been left to find their own way forward, causing them to turn to peers and popular culture for answers to the many questions they face.

Now we have The Rite Journey which offers girls a profound, intricate, and imaginative journey. It enables girls to access substantial information and experiences. It feeds their inner self, allowing them to get to know themselves, and to start to shape their future. Its strength lies in helping girls look at the difficult areas life throws up, and in capturing stories from the past – their own and those of their ancestors. The Rite Journey is a wonderful contribution to this next generation. They will benefit greatly from it. “

Brian Kennelly, Principal, Kinross Wolaroi School, Orange, NSW.

“The Rite Journey is having a significant impact on our Year 9 group.

I had great confidence in The Rite Journey prior to implementing the program but this year I continue to be surprised by the comments from staff, parents and students as to the worth of the program. The positive impact TRJ is having on these young people’s lives – we had a problematic group in Year 8 last year – yet we have seen little to no evidence this year of any of this. We have taken these students on excursions and they have been extraordinary – we have classes that were ‘problem’ classes last year suddenly being compliant and willing to engage and learn.

In summary – it has been a revelation to us all.”

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