Our WomanWise Conversation Cards are getting closer. The first draft has arrived from the designer and Jane Bennett and I are super excited!

They are the perfect sister for the ManMade Toolbox.

Our Woman Wise cards are designed to trigger and support conversations with girls age 13 and women of any age.

These 77 beautifully designed cards with a total of 382 questions are divided into 6 suits: My Self, My Body, My Mind, My Relationships, My Philosophy and My Future.

Each card has a range of questions whose purpose is to prompt contemplation, conversation and connection. The cards can be used in myriad ways, and are both fun and intentional.

We hope to have them available late December or early January.

We are printing a limited run so if you’d like to secure a set ($70 + p&h) please let me know: andrew@theritejourney.com.au

(Payment not required until cards are dispatched.)


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