ManMade Toolbox

The Manmade Toolbox is a set of cards for creating conversations with boys from age 13, and men of any age.  It helps men and boys tell their story through a set of 87 cards divided into 6 suits:

  • My Stuff
  • Body Stuff
  • Head Stuff
  • Relationship Stuff
  • Big stuff
  • Future Stuff

“We men love to talk, but it needs help to get started.  These Manmade cards will kick things along and they will lead to brilliant sharing.  Exactly what boys and men need to have”.    Steve Biddulph, author ‘Raising Boys’ and ‘The New Manhood’.

Check out an introduction clip about the Manmade Toolbox here.

$72.50 (incl GST)


Woman Wise Conversation Cards

The Woman Wise Conversation Cards are designed to trigger and support conversations with girls from age 13, and women of any age.  These 77 beautifully designed cards are divided into six suits

  • My Self
  • My Body
  • My Mind
  • My Relationships
  • My Philosophy
  • My Future

Each card has a range of questions whose purpose is to prompt contemplation, conversation and connection.  The cards can be used in myriad ways, and are both fun and intentional.

$72.50 (incl GST)


The Rite Journey Feeling Cards

The Rite Journey Feeling Cards are 330 words that enable us to identify and express our feelings. They help develop emotional literacy in a wide variety of contexts, such as: classrooms, counselling work, families, couples, therapeutic sessions, corporate workshops.

Check out an instruction clip about using the The Rite Journey Feeling Cards here.

$72.50 (incl GST)


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