The Rite Way: Starting from Within, Girls’ One-day program is offered nationwide to schools and other educational institutions. It is designed to generate a rich sense of self–respect and self-esteem: offering young women a fresh perspective on their adolescence. The day program is presented in sections and is experiential rather that theoretical.

The day commences by establishing a sense of self, in relation to where individual participants perceive themselves to be along the path to adolescent development at this point in their lives.

The day progresses and the students begin to explore their self-image and their reactions to the pressures of the world around them. They examine how this impacts upon their self-esteem. The students consider what impression their perpetual (potentially negative) self-response actually has on their outlook in life and themselves and therefore, how they participate in all that life has to offer.

The participants explore the positive aspects of the young woman they are becoming; they acknowledge and generate awareness toward taking ownership over their positive traits and accepting their limitations.

A section on bitching and bullying offers insight upon how the bully perceives themselves and others in the world.   A new focus on empowering the individual with the realisation that they can choose how to respond to a situation aims to help individuals to take charge of their life’s experiences.

The program may be adapted to meet the needs of your specific group of students. We are willing to alter the focus of the day to address prominent social issues.

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