The Rite Journey has been created to be adaptable regarding its implementation in schools. Most schools place the program within the year 9 curriculum (Australian) and provide up to 150 minutes of curriculum time per week. However, it is possible to provide the program with less time or over a more intensive period (e.g.10 weeks).

The training for implementing The Rite Journey in schools typically takes place over two days.

Day 1

  • The Rite Journey Framework
  • Introduction
  • What is a rite of passage?
  • The rationale for creating a rite of passage.
  • Why is this best done in a school setting? How is this done in a school?
  • The role of the teacher-guides.
  • Principles of The Rite Journey
  • The 7 elements of The Rite Journey.
  • The role of ceremony and celebration.
  • Creating the ceremonies for your school

Day 2

  • The Rite Journey Curriculum
  • Curriculum Content – exploring the student guidebook and the year’s work
  • Evaluation Process
  • What happens after Yr 9?
  • Possible issues
  • Resources & reading